Sabrina is obsessed with Star Wars and calls herself Princess Leia, insists her Dad is actually her brother Luke, and well, I am Chewbacca or Chewie for short. Pretty awesome. Love the pic with big sister Chiana! Dress Nununu, doll is Mikodesign (sew your own doll that is too cute for words).

Hi blankets!


Two new Hi blanket color options in shop, loving the charcoal and neon pink!

Mollie Makes Mama

Still pinching myself and so proud to have two of my blankets in the gorgeous first ever issue of Mollie Makes Mama!

New toddler 'Hi' blanket!


Lack of posts are embarrassing to say the least. :) I am the luckiest person in the world to have a backlog of blanket orders on the go, but between Sabrina, big girls, work and everything else there just has not been much time to blog.

I just finished a custom toddler sized 'Hi' blanket! I love it and will list it in my Etsy shop soon.

Sabrina's Je t'aime shirt is by a wonderful online shop called Whistle & Flute located right here in Victoria!

Sabrina is 2!


'Baby' Sabrina is not a baby anymore and we just celebrated her second birthday! She orders her older sisters (15 and 20) around and is very funny and extremely articulate. She is a very special little person. Happy birthday babygirl! ('lettuce turnip the beet' shirt from Coup on Etsy)

Hearts & Stars


Twenty months and not a baby anymore, but a sweet, funny and very busy toddler. The heart blankets look sweet even in a transition toddler bed! Loving her Nununu star dress right now...

Black & White and blanket give-away!


New black blanket with white heart in the store!

Monika Hobbs at is celebrating the arrival of baby Liam with a huge crazy baby give-away,  check it out! And yes, you could win a heart blanket!!

Spruce Collective


My blankets are now officially available at Spruce Collective, the sweetest shop located in Abbotsford, BC. Spruce Collective carries hand made goods, vintage items, new products, and features in store classes. I could not have asked for a more wonderful shop to carry my blankets...

(Photo of the Spruce Collective Workshop by Janis Nicolay Photography)

Spring Hearts


Knitting up a series of heart blankets that include yummie spring colors such as super bright yellow neon and the softest of baby blues and pinks! As much as I love B&W it is nice to work with pops of color.

I have been so very neglectful of my blog. I don't know how other bloggers do it. They also have small children, shops, etc. and still manage to create gorgeous blog posts... It seems to be the last thing on my list right now.

Exciting things continue to happen, I was named one of the top 50 Etsy Baby Shops by Babble, additional retail stores are interested in carrying my blankets... and it seems to now be a matter of keeping up a tight production schedule. How incrediby exciting!!

I think it is time for a "win a baby blanket contest" soon as well! What do you think??

Heart blanket


New heart blanket in the shop! This one in black and white but other colors (including red) to follow. Love how busy things are! A gorgeous home design shop has shown interest in carrying my blankets... can you imagine? We will see what happens...

Merry Christmas!


Hard to believe it is Christmas eve already... The big girls are baking cookies and the little one is loving all the excitement and impromptu singing of jingle bells over and over (and over) again. Wishing everyone the happiest of Christmases! Love our Dick Bruna angel on the chalkboard...

Finally more Japanese knitting!


Not many Japanese knitting books have caught my eye over the past year and a half or so (to my big disappointment). I am pretty sure I was their biggest fan. I thought it was time to check up on the latest releases and guess what?? It is Japanese book time again! There have been many new releases with gorgeous new patterns and the inspiring photos I love. I am happy. This one is for sale on

Blanket love from others...


I can't believe how lucky I am. I create blankets I love and as it turns out other people love them also. The blog features and inclusions have been beyond anything I ever imagined. Apartment Therapy included my blanket! And yesterday I discovered I was included in the New York Family Christmas Toy guide! I am awed and so very excited. This was also a great way to discover some super cool new blogs. Take a look!

Hat weather!


Sabrina wearing her new Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap and Annabel Babe cardigan at the park. Hooray! She kept her hat on almost the entire time! I can't believe she is already a toddler and actually running around the park on those little legs... :)

Red Crosses


I am still here!! Good grief, days should be way longer than 24 hours in order to get everything done... I started a new job after my maternity leave was over and am just starting to get the hang of the balancing act again. After work and tucking Sabrina in I can just catch some blanket knitting time. My blankets are selling at a wonderful rate. Just so I can continue to knit at a good pace without running behind. I have had such incredible feedback and I love that my blankets are wrapped around sweet little babies.

Red crosses is the latest installment of the four cross blanket. I love the red crosses on cream/white... Sabrina had to 'crash' the photoshoot of course...