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Granny Square Pattern

I have been asked to share my granny square pattern and since I customized my version from various patterns I thought I'd jot it down. My pattern is a smorgasbord of bits and pieces and came about after many yarn trials and abandoned grannies. I am sure this one is not a new one however and must exist somewhere? Hope it makes sense and enjoy!

Chain 4 and join into a ring with a slip stitch.

ROUND 1: Ch 3, work 11 dc's around and join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch. (12 dc's total) Cut yarn and pull through. Join the new color at a corner by drawing a stitch through a ch1 stitch.

ROUND 2: Ch 3, work 1 dc in between 2 dc's of previous row. Then work around crocheting 2 dc's in between the next 2 dc spaces from previous row. (You should have 12 sets of 2 dc's). Join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch.

ROUND 3: Ch 3, work first corner (dc1, ch2, dc2) between dc of previous row, then work 2 dc's in between each of the next 2 dc spaces from previous row. Work next and all following corners (dc2, ch 2, dc2), Work the 2 dc's in between each of the next 2 dc spaces from previous row, work corner, then 2 more dc's as before. Join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch.

ROUND 4: Ch 3, work corner (dc2, ch2, dc3) into the same stitch, work remaining sides: *8 dc's across to next corner, work corner (dc3, ch2, dc3); repeat from * 2 times, 8 dc's until final corner, join to third chain of beginning chain with a slip stitch.

Weave in all those annoying and pesky yarn ends. I chose to sew up the squares, first in long strips then the strips together, however I know the joining of squares while crocheting is another probably preferred method. It just scared and intimidated /me at the time.

Still working on my blanket in progress, below. It is the perfect "pick up when you have a minute project" though, and there's no real rush. Well, except for the oh so long list of other tantalizing projects waiting for me...

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  1. what kind of yarn did you use for this blanket? it is so pretty!

  2. I used a yarn called Canadiana, 100% acrylic since I have kids, :) Thanks!!

  3. thank you! thank you! thank!
    I saw your beautiful blanket a few weeks ago on flirck...and since that not left my head!
    Now I found your blog!
    And you are sharing the pattern!
    this morning I tried to do it and it was perfect!
    thanks again,

  4. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. I've saved it on my computer so I can try them during my upcoming holiday. Really love this pattern. I have another pattern on my blog so if you're interested in another pattern there's one there (-: Thanks again!

  5. I fell in love with this blanket the first time I saw it. I have been working these little squares ever since. Only 87 to go! I started a blog to keep track of all the beautiful crochet patterns found on the internet by creative people like you! Hope you don't mind, I linked to your one of your photos with a short description and a link back you your blog. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern!

  6. OMG I love your granny square!! I am still mastering the basic granny square but will be striving to one day make something as beautiful as your blanket. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Do you have a video of this. I'm new and visual is so much better for me.

  8. Thank you for this pattern! I have been wanting to make a blanket or pillow like this--hopefully someday soon! Your work is gorgeous!

  9. I want to make this for my cousin. I need a lot more help. What size needle did you use and after each round do you turn the square over? I need crocheting for dummys 101. Also do you have a video showing you making one of these squares?

  10. Hi, I know I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, but can you tell me what size hook you used (I'm assuming it's 8 ply wool?) and approx how many balls of the main (cream/white) yarn you used?

  11. So lovely, thanks for sharing! I want to try making a blanket - can you tell me how many squares you did in total? Thank you :)

  12. Ohhh, thank you so much for the pattern to your gorgeous afghan. I started making the squares last nite and am totally addicted to making these. Your afghan is so beautiful.
    Thanks again for sharing your pattern.

  13. Congratulations for your new baby!!!! She's very very beautiful ...

    I have a question, ... i tried do it this granny square, and what's the number of sticht between corner to corner in the 3º round? ... 5 dc????
    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sorry re late reply Pili! If I understand your question, it is 4 stitches total, two sets of 2!

    So sorry to others that have asked questions and have not received a reply! I believe I used a 5 mm hook but cannot say 100% for sure, sorry! Same with amount of yarn used.... it has been too long!

  15. Gave you a shout out!


  16. Beautiful colors and combinations!

  17. Beautiful colors and combinations.

  18. Thank you very much
    Aprovecharé este patrón que me parece precioso
    A lot of kisses

  19. I've just discovered your blog as I'm new to crochet. Your photos are crisp and clear but the text is so very very faint its almost unreadable . Is it just me and my iPad? As it is all I can do is look at the photos and maybe squint at the print once in a while. Wish you could solve this as I'm lovin what I see!

  20. Hi!

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  21. Bellissimo! Hai uno schema grafico e non solo la descrizione?

  22. I am ready to put my squares together. Did you just overstitch together? Does your design have a name?

  23. I do love your blanket. Do you have a name for it officially? I want to put it on my ravelry page. ( the one I made)

  24. I see you posted your blanket to Ravelry. Great. I am still working on the border but will post something in progress.

  25. So sorry to everyone I seemed to have ignored but so not on purpose. Just discovering all these wonderful comments now along with a ravelry page!! I will try to go through the questions and post replies perhaps in ravelry?

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. It's a lovely granny square! I used the first 3 rounds to crochet a heart.
    you can find it on my weblog: http://www.creatiefbezig.blogspot.nl/2013/04/zeepketting-met-gehaakt-hart.html

  27. Finally got it down so it looks like the square in the pattern! I had sum difficulty understanding the wording of this pattern tho, so had to try it a few times, before I got it right... I think Rnd 2 is possibly worded wrong? Shudnt it b 2 DC between each 1 DC?? & try as I might, I am only getting 7 DC in between the corners, on that last row....


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