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Letterboxes or letterpress trays are back in a big way and I am jumping on the bandwagon. They were huge in Holland in the seventies. We had them in every room filled with our favorite miniatures. Why, oh why did we not keep them? They are back in a new fresh way, painted and papered with pretty paper. Vintage wallpaper is my favorite paper choice, however I have none available YET (working on that), so I used patterned Martha Stewart scrapbooking paper instead. My letterbox is not an actual letterbox either, but a collection box of some kind. Was extremely ugly with red velvet lining but super cheap at the thrift store. Now I need to collect more miniatures (not steal my daughters cute Re-ment things although she graciously allowed me to use a small serving platter and jam jar for the 'photoshoot' but only by promising I would acknowledge this on my blog) and continue scrambling around for vintage wallpaper.

Inspiration came from the Danish Jockbox site (picture below), as well as Retrovilla.

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