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Zigzag pillow

As you know I have been wanting to make a ripple blanket for quite some time. You also know I have still not finished my granny square blanket. I keep finding all these "must do now little project in between big project projects". So I realized another blanket at this point might not be the best idea since fall is approaching quickly and the whole point is to have a cozy granny for snuggling this winter. (see how sensible I am?) Pillow to the rescue!! It is actually the yarn store's fault since they had new fat Italian yarn that was soft and squishy in delicious colors and I got all sweaty and hot touching it (issues, I know)... A little more pricey than what I usually budget so I could really only afford 3 balls. It had to be purple. Something about all the orange in the house that makes me crave the purple accents. It was one of the quickest projects ever. I love how it turned out. And yes, once I finish my granny blanket a ripple blanket will still be next in line.
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  1. So pretty!! i love chevron, especially in crochet.


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