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1974 Children Everywhere book

Reading together time was always a highlight for the girls as they were growing up. I used to read story after story. Even at 11 and 16 my girlies still love reading time given the right story. Annie cuddles right up with me and Chiana sits close "doing something else" but listening all the same. We all pretend she's "too old for that". We all know better. I love this quiet reading/cuddle time.

I found the perfect story time book on my vintage expedition last weekend. A 1974 story book featuring stories from authors and illustrators from countries all over the globe. I almost jumped up and down when I saw it included some of my favorite childhood authors Annie M.G. Schmidt (Dutch from Jip and Janneke fame), and Astrid Lindgren (Swedish from Pippi Longstocking fame). "Wooden Shoes" was illustrated by Marijke de Graaf and "Nils Karlsson, the Elf" (now our new favorite story ever) was illustrated by Ilon Wikland. What an awesome find. Killevippen!
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  1. Killevippen! And have a nice day!

  2. I used to have the whole Childkraft 1974 series but now only have Volume 3. Nils Karlsson was also one of my favorites as a child. I love how the little lf was renting space from a mouse; hos monthly rent wasa piece of cheese!

  3. I love Nils Karsson! I'm trying to find it to read to my daughter.

  4. I loved Nils Karlsson the Elf, too! I've just located a copy and can't WAIT to read it to my daughter.

  5. I had this book as a child! Part of an encyclopedia set. I know these stories by heart! I think I need to know you, I've never met anyone in Australia who knows about this book. =D


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