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Box de Lux

The girls asked if I was feeling okay when I discovered the Box de Lux shop online. I guess I was making loud moaning sounds at the time and might have looked somewhat faint. I told them I was fine and not to worry, mama would snap out of 'it' in just a bit.

Good grief, it is probably a good thing I don't live in Aarhus, Denmark!! Look at this place, all the Rice goods you could ever imagine, and more! Guaranteed I could not keep to a budget if I had a shop like this in my neighborhood. Now here is where this story gets interesting, very interesting in fact. They sell online... they accept international orders... Will have to save up for a very special order perhaps sometime very soon?

Oh, and they just posted their Christmas products... more moaning sounds...
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  1. Just discovered your blog and had a blast reading all your posts while working on my granny blanket. ;) Loved the links, the sentimental journey with Tina, Marion and the vintage Dutch things. Now I want some Tina´s too!
    I was not sure if I should write in Dutch or English....although I think you understand Dutch if you read all the mags.
    Have a fantastic weekend, Jeannette

  2. Hartstikke bedankt!! Haha, mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed meer, lezen wel maar schrijven echt niet. Jouw blog is geweldig. Love it. Ik ben jaloers op jouw apartment. :) Beautiful. You should get some Tina's. Just to have. :) Talk again and thanks for saying hi, Sandi.

  3. It's so fab! I live near Arhus and love that shop, it's down some little steps and crammed full of the most wonderful colours and designs, like a little Aladdin's cave! Great for Xmas gifts as they have small things too.

  4. Ah...dat is handig dat het ook in het Nederlands kan. ;)
    Ik zag dat je aardig wat Nederlandse tijdschriften bekijkt. Maar ken je deze al...Flow?
    Vind je vast ook leuk, het is lekker kleurrijk en veel downloads op de internetsite.


  5. Tracy, how lucky are you!!! Glad to hear it really is as amazing as it looks. To think you live that close... :)

    Jeanette, ja, ik weet van Flow maar wist niet van de downloads!! Bedankt! Ze zijn zo leuk. Canadese/amerikaanse home tijdschriften zijn gewoon niet als goed als de european. Sigh. :)

  6. Sandra,
    I´m going to Holland next week. If you want I can send you the new Flow. Just mail me your address.
    Tsss...nu typ ik weer in het Engels. Na ja...ik ben te lui om het nog te veranderen. ;)


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