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Crocheted Lace Japanese Style

I am in love with this crocheted lace. Tablecloths used as curtains. Lace spreads haphazardly thrown over chairs and couches. Lace Japanese style. All the images above are from Japanese craft books found on Amazon Japan. Yes, I actually searched through over 4500 books to find these images. Yes, I must be a little bit obsessive. As if I had nothing else to do! (Like perhaps actually start crocheting these since I am more than able to) I was like a dog with a bone. Must find more... Some of these books are new and some are quite old. Still so inspirational and still so beautiful. Another project on my list!
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  1. I just love the Japanese craft books- so much inspiration! I also love your blog- found it a few days ago and love every post- thanks for sharing it.
    Cheers Kerry

  2. Looove the hat and mittens in the first photo!

  3. Aren't those books the best?? Even just the covers are inspirational! :)

  4. sooo nice! I just got some that my grandmothers made. I think they will end up on dress for Alma and maybe in a frame. I´m not so good at using them on the table :)

  5. Cutting them up and repurposing is fun, isn't it? I know, for some reason we never seem to have a 'pretty' cloth on the table either. Too much stuff going on and not so practical. :) I made some curtains out of them this weekend. Oh, on a little girl dress would be sooo sweet!!!


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