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Fryd + Design Style

Not sure how to label Norwegian Jeanette Lunde from Fryd + Design. She kind of does everything. And well. She is a graphic designer. She is a photographer. She sews, crochets, and we won't even talk about her interior design skills. She also has her very own online shop, Fryd +Shop. Most importantly, she is also Mom to adorable children. I have been 'secretly' following her blog for a while. Loving it. Another one of 'those' women oozing style. That gorgeous liveable style.

I visited her blog this past weekend and went weak over her 'The Lamp' DIY post. (Top 2 pics) Something happened and I kind of lost control and immediately emailed her to beg her to let me re-blog. I think I fell in love. No, I know I fell in love with that lamp. So the plan was to just post about the lamp. Then Jeanette graciously offered for me to use other pictures from her blog as well. Doesn't she know? It is like unleashing a crazy woman. So that is why you are so lucky to see practically every picture she has ever taken here on my blog. (I may be exaggerating slightly, there are many more available on her site so go see) Thank you Jeanette! And happy drooling to everybody else!!
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  1. Yes, I agree, she does lovely works!

    And I am really happy to find your blog, it's just wonderful... Now it's on my favorite blog list. :)

  2. thank you for showing this - yet another home to fall in love with! :-)


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