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Smilerynker Style

Remember my post 'More wallpaper love', featuring the adorable wallpapered drawer box? The picture was from Boligliv yet I had no idea who actually created it. I suppose I thought it was 'just a stylist'. Well, how wrong I was. I was clicking my way through Flickr (always inspiring) when I came across 'my' wallpaper box image. I sat up straight, clicked on 'Profile' and found Danish Lisbeth Hammer's blog Smilerynker. Yes, yet another woman to add to my 'Incredibly talented women with a ton of style and equally inspiring homes that make me weak' series!

Complete happiness at finding Lisbeth's site. Check out her gorgeous home, handmade dolls and those little dresses I am completely in love with. (those little crochet pockets!!!) Thanks for sharing Lisbeth!!! I love!
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  1. It looks sooo swedish..
    The yellow desk lamp I always see on flea markets but in different colors ;)

  2. Lucky you!! I bet your flea markets would be a dream come true for me... :)

  3. oh i am totaly in love with Lisbeth's home (i just want to move in!) and blog too!! :-)

  4. incredibly colorful and happy! i'm inspired to start using all the vintage wallpaper i've been collecting!


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