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Advent Calendars

Every year since the girls were born I planned to create a handmade, one-of-a-kind advent calendar for the girls. Something special. Instead every year they've had to make do with the usual box of chocolates with little windows. A mothers guilt... I am sure the windows with little chocolates behind them was enough and I know for a fact that it brought a lot of excitement year after year, but perhaps this year I can finally pull off something creative? Something very, very special, something they will remember always? Yes, I hear you. It is almost the middle of November and there's not a lot of creative time left... I will try. I have made a start by searching Flickr for ideas. Tons of inspiration as usual. Little origami envelopes, why didn't I think of that? And how about those little slippers hanging from clothespins?

From top to bottom, ziggiau, apfelbaum, sperobene, apfelbaum, and carla alexandra. And then there's always those adorable knitted little sock and mitten advent calendars...
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