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BOOOM Christmas tree

So exciting, my very first Christmas post! It is November after all. Must, must, must have a 'steigerhouten' or reclaimed wood Christmas tree this year. Wish I could have the original Dutch BOOOM brand... but may have to hammer one together myself more than likely. I can imagine it draped with white and cream knitted and crocheted ornaments to add softness... I sooooo love.
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  1. Oooohw....die wil ik ook!
    Je Flow is onderweg naar Canada....kan wel even duren volgens de dame van de Duitse post. Naja, dan is het misschien net op tijd voor Sinterklaas. ;)
    Een heel gezellig weekend, Jeannette

  2. I wish I could be there right now - just hop on that bike and not worry about snow yet (we got light dusting last night) see on fullerharvest.blogspot.com


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