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Kinchi Style

Here I go again with my overload of images. Just when I think I have exhausted my search for inspirational vintage/retro sixties/seventies scandinavian/dutch homes (I only have so much surfing time) I go and discover yet another woman with a home to die for, adorable children and piles of talent!! I found Kinchi (Dutch Mirjam Bos) purely by accident. Ok, maybe not 'by accident' since I was digging deep in the inspirational pool that is Flickr. But kind of by accident since her Brabantia breadbox first make me sit up straight in my chair. (see gorgeous orange breadbox with flowers above) Brabantia is only my very favorite 70's Dutch brand to collect. Okay, enough about me. So I discovered the Kinchimama Flickr stream. Major love at first sight.

Kinchi's slogan is "The stuff to buy when you're a mum from the seventies". Me! Me! (I think '65 counts??) Mirjam's children's clothes are so very gorgeous and once again make me wish my girls were little all over again. (Chiana and Annie, no offense cause Mama loves you just the way you are even if you are too big for cute little skirts and dresses) Check out the Kinchi Etsy shop as well!

Her home is orange and seventies and full of personal handmade accents and perfect. Sigh, I truly love. Thanks so much Mirjam for sharing your inspirational world.
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  1. what a lovely fun home I must get some more colour in my house!

  2. I had to check out your home, haha. It is soooo pretty!! Orange just wouldn't go. :)

  3. I love how colorful your blog is! and not to mention these gorgeous pictures!


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