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My new Japanese crochet book!

Package in the mail!! Is there anything more exciting? My new Japanese crochet book is as gorgeous as I hoped it would be. I don't often buy one since they are pricey, but when that 'special need' hits I order them from Traplett's shop on Etsy. I am still too intimated to order from Amazon Japan...
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  1. this japanese crochet book is too cute! i love the style and images. thank you for the glance through ;-)

  2. that looks wonderful, good book to buy

  3. So glad you guys like and enjoy it as much as me! The books can sometimes be hit and miss but I got sooo lucky with this one.

  4. Have you tried www.yesasia.com? It´s super easy, it´s in English, and you often can get free shipping! I used to shop there a lot, when I was on my Japanese craft obsession.


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