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Ysolda scarf finished!

A knitting and sewing marathon weekend! No time for surfing or even blogging. (well, except this tiny post) I completed my lacy Ysolda scarf, knitted not one, not two, but THREE slouchy hats for daughters who are so in love with them they are still wearing them right now, at 8:32 pm. How's that for the biggest compliment they could ever give? I also sewed up a storm but that is a surprise for now. Enough to say it is Christmas decor related. And they are sewn with vintage fabrics. And they turned out sooo sweet.

My biggest challenge this weekend?? Trying to take pictures with absolutely no sunlight coming through the windows. The sun has disappeared. Dark clouds and rain is all we'll get for the next while I am sure. As cozy as that is while sewing and knitting, come picture time it truly bites. So excuse the not so great images above. We have a video studio at work, must borrow some studio lights. :)
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  1. Thank you!!! My first ever 'real lacy knit' project and I was quite proud, haha!

    I found your etsy shop over the weekend, will be getting a hold of you soon about the Colani elephants!!! I didn't know you had those! Love them... :)

  2. Beautiful!!! I love it! It's perfect!


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