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Black knitted and crocheted lace...

I am just finishing up my fourth and last day off work... not quite ready to go back. Nothing better than staying home puttering around. I am glad this is another short week due to New Years day. I also took quite the blogging break... I must admit I have barely touched my computer, not even to surf and visit my very most favorite blogs. Looking forward to catching up. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Speaking of catching up, I have been busy completing projects that should have been finished for Christmas... oops. Mom, cover your eyes now and sooooo sorry you had to wait for your parcel!! While doing so I believe I have also fallen in love with black lace. I knitted a black lace Louisa Harding shawl for mom and love how it turned out. Then I crocheted a trial black doily from a crochet pattern book my sister sent me for Christmas. I MUST do more black crochet. Love... Need to get some finer black yarn though... this one is a bit too thick for my liking but looks great hanging on the wall together with the white vintage potholder I found in my stocking. (yes, that was sneaky of me but sometimes Santa needs a little help) :)
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  1. That black lace is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Love the black too...fabulous
    Have a Very Happy 2010

  3. The word is elegance. Happy new year!

  4. Thank you and the happiest new year back!!


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