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Frédérique Morrel's vintage tapestry pieces

Loving the footstools, pillows, and trays made from re-purposed vintage tapestries by Frédérique Morrel, a husband and wife team. Gorgeous. Am looking all over the thrift stores and Etsy for vintage needlepoint pieces right now so I can incorporate into a pillow. Or even to just have a beautiful, tiny piece to display on the wall... So very pretty.
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  1. You have an amacing beautiful blog!
    So full of inspiration.
    Hope it is ok to put you on my blogroll?

    Have a wonderful desember thursday!

    :) from gunn

  2. that tray is on my christmas list ...a took photos in the shop,,it"s so pretty

  3. Thanks so much!!! (Left a note on your site) :)

    You have 'The Tray' on your wishlist?? And you've seen it 'live' with your own eyes? Lucky! :) You must blog it when you get it. (See, I am confident you will) :)

  4. Oh wow...wouldn´t mind to get that Bambi footstool for Christmas! ;)
    Have a great weekend!


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