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Grateful for special people...

I cannot believe an entire week has gone by without a post. I was sick (which I do not ever have the patience for anyways) and I honestly feel like I have lost a week. Who loses a week??? Especially a week just before Christmas. I think I am all better now and I feel 'here' again. Thank goodness. My girlies are thankful too since Christmas just wasn't feeling like Christmas with a space cadet mother laying on the couch pretty much out of it. Mom on the couch?? Without knitting or crochet no less?? Without a computer??? Worrisome times for sure. :)

There is always a bright side to everything, true in this case as well. Since I was home sick I was actually home to answer the doorbell and receive a very special parcel from the mailman. Jeannette from Sans Soucis (who is Dutch but lives in Germany) mailed me 2 incredible Dutch magazines: Flow and VT Wonen! Who does this? Who spoils someone they only know via the blog universe?? Jeannette, thank you so very much!! You have no idea how exciting it was to open the beautiful polkadotted wrapping paper and find the gorgeous magazines inside. The timing could not have been better either. Well, maybe not for the poor mailman who had to hand me the parcel and I am sure did not want to catch what I had... But I got to cuddle up cozy and read Dutch words and ads!! :) No wonder I am all better now...
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  1. Wat fijn dat je weer bent opgeknapt!
    Ik geniet keer op keer van je blog,


  2. Lucky you, Flow is so much fun!! Enjoy!

  3. THat is so nice! Where do you live now? Im argentinean and live in NL... so, if you ever need anything...I understand homesickness ahahaha if you need some drop or stroop... let me know...!
    Fijne Kerstdagen!

  4. flow, is a wonderful mag

    enjoy your christmas time

  5. I am in Victoria, Canada now but born in Amsterdam. :) We have a tiny little 'Dutch' store here that carries drop, vla, and other goodies, haha. Every once in a while I just have to shop there...even if it is triple the price.

    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!!


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