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Wooden Christmas tree and crocheted ornaments!

Remember how desperate I was for the Dutch BOOOM Christmas tree? I must have yammered on about it quite a bit because my wonderful sweet boyfriend came home with a big old wooden pallet on his back and said to 'clear the kitchen because I am building you a tree'. After a lot of sweat, groaning (he said to take out the groaning and replace it with 'listening to heavy metal music' which is actually very true), and sawing (with a handsaw no less) he presented me with my tree. Is there a better Christmas present? Nope. Not a one. I am in wooden Christmas tree heaven. (And a little bit of boyfriend heaven as well, because lets face it, this is quite the sweet gesture)

I immediately yanked out the yarn and got busy crocheting flowers and hearts to decorate my dear tree. I added some vintage rick rack to hang them and love how it turned out. With all the other color going on in my house, including my vintage fabric trees, I love how it is rough and plain looking. The soft white and beige yarn soften it just enough. Just how I had pictured it in my head!
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  1. that's really a sweet gesture!
    by the way, the pallets in your country are much more beautiful than ours here in the Netherlands :D :D
    best wishes Katharina

  2. What a sweet guy you have! Don't you just love the sound of a 'woodworking man'? (I know, I happen to have three of those!). Beautiful crochet - hugs Yvonxoxox

  3. how cool is that!! Such a sweet gesture from your man!
    love the crocheting also!
    Regards Blueberrypie

  4. Thank you all!! Yes, I think he may be a 'keeper', :)

  5. I'm in love! I need to have one! But my man is not a "handy"man :/ And nether am I :(


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