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Big fat knitted cowl

Happy New Year to everyone! Hard to believe the Christmas season is over... it flew by. The girls go back to school next week and they are not quite impressed with that prospect. No more lazy days free to do everything or just nothing at all. :) We are trying to savor every last hour before monday morning.

I have been working on lots of small projects lately. A little knitting and some crochet thrown in as well. Quick satisfaction projects. Loved knitting the big cowl above, used a triple strand and it honestly knitted itself. Annie volunteered to model and I must say she is turning into quite the expert. Not a peep, even with yarn tickling her face the entire time! I am very lucky with my in house models indeed. Can't wait to wear the cowl, nice and warm and cozy.
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  1. Hi, I came on your blog looking for chunky crochet. What a lovely blog and flickrpage you have!!!!! I will follow you with "feeds" You might like looking on our blog too? Looking forward to your creative stuff in 2010!

  2. Ana - you look like a professional model - beautiful! (oops sorry - knitting is gorgous too!) Happy back to school day! Yvonne xoxo


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