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Heart baby sweater

Is there anything cuter and more fun than knitting for baby? Thought not. There seems to be a baby explosion happening around me and I am trying to whip up some cute little sweaters for gift giving. This one was a 'try out the pattern' test run (with hearts of course) and turned out sweet. I like the rolled up neck and edges, nice and casual. It is a seamless pattern, knitted completely in the round. I love seamless. I hate seaming. :) Now I will knit some with the 'good yarn'. This pattern is the Buddy Sweater from Anny Purls. (lots of other cute patterns available also)
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  1. Love the sweater, and the orange hearts are soooo sweet!

  2. This is so cute! Looks like a good way to break into intarsia as well. Still haven't got there yet...

  3. so love this jumper! will you be posting a pattern for the hearts ??? love to make one for my little poppit ! she loves hearts!

  4. so sweet, so simple, reminds me of growing up in the 60's


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