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Odd Molly Spring 2010

Never seem to love all of the Odd Molly collection but always like a few pieces. Can't really go wrong with vintagy lacy lingerie, crochet, and embroidered summery dresses...
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  1. Good morning!
    Must agree with you on Odd Molly.They always have nice things,and wonderful styling,but I have been actually buying less and less the last seasons.But it is really a sign of spring when the collections hit the stores here in Norway.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Odd Molly is awesome. I've only one piece (because it's rather pricy) and love the crochet spring collection! (and Helena is so pretty!)
    I will have a look at the website...

  3. I totally agree. Love some of their things, but some are kind of too much for me. Like the first one a lot - might be possible for diy... :)

  4. Wauw what a great brand! love it. Thanks

  5. I love that we all love bits and pieces. :) Yes, Helena and her gorgeous self sure helps the brand big time as well. Inspiration galore for sure. :)


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