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Pierrot Japanese crochet patterns

I discovered a cute little Japanese online yarn store, Pierrot, during my Japanese pattern searches that posts patterns for free! The patterns above are all available as PDF downloads. The link I provided takes you to the patterns page, just click on the banners to view the patterns available. Using Google translations helps to cruise around the site to a point. Since I don't read Japanese I only downloaded crochet patterns with diagrams... have fun!
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  1. i love your blog! thanks for sharing so much cuteness.

    i love the japanese cape thing you're making. i want one too! :)

  2. great find, thank you for sharing

  3. I have a Japanese Fan pattern to crochet and I do not know how long to make the chain. It has the long double crochet in the pattern. Would anyone know this pattern? My name is JoAnn and my email is joann_schildt@yahoo.com


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