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Rice spring 2010

Oh happy days! New Rice spring 2010 catalog full of the usual colorful brightness and happiness. Feels like spring... ok, maybe not, but it sure makes us yearn for spring. But not too soon, I still have a lot of winter knitting to do!!
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  1. Really nice to look at on this cold, grey morning!

  2. Oh, these colors make me HAPPY!

  3. oooh, so lovely!
    it makes me happy!

    your blog is gorgeous, so glad i found it...


  4. Thanks everyone!! Isn't it amazing and wonderful how happy we get just seeing spring colors?? Even if they are just in a magazine or on a blog for now. Hurry up sunshine!

  5. Hoi!
    We hebben op onze blog een stukje over jouw te gekke weblog geschreven. Check www.prottersenpronkjes.nl!
    Groetjes Wimke en Elske


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