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Sewing Japanese Style

A delicious late night scouring of the Amazon.jp website, this time collecting my favorite Japanese sewing book pictures. Of which there are many as you can see. Must sew a dress/tunic this spring. Just jump in and do it. :) I know, I know, finish my freshly started cape/poncho and other things first.
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  1. oh i am so glad to know i am not the only person up late drooling over japanese sewing book pics!! can't imagine what would happen if i ever went to shop in japan that sold them!

    warm wishes from scotland :-)

  2. We would go crazy, that's what would happen!! Haha, can you imagine an entire shop filled with every Japanese craft book ever printed?? :) Drool and sigh...

  3. i am very slowly filling my shelves up with my favourite japanese books + magazines. lovely blog...

  4. loop, in london, sells a lot of Japanese knitting and crochet books. we love them too. :-)


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