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Spring is here!?!

Unbelievably warm. It feels like Spring. Cherry blossoms have exploded and are a sea of pinks. Absolutely gorgeous. Not the greatest Winter Olympic weather but we are loving it nevertheless. Annie and I went out to take some pictures today, she on her scooter and no jacket. It was so nice out she threw herself on the grass providing me with a sweet scene for a picture.

I had fun messing around with some seventies feel Photoshop actions, the ones I used for the pics above were created by Pretty As a Picture on Deviant Art.
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  1. wish, i could say the same =(

    have a nice week!

  2. YAY! blossoms are introducing spring. hardly can't wait...

  3. i can't wait to learn how to use my new photoshop CS3. this kind of actions are so awesome! love the pictures.

  4. here it is snowing again, seems like it will never stop :(
    love the pictures in your post! can't wait until spring comes, it's my favourite season :)

    i also enjoy frøken ø's lovely blog. her style inspires me and so does yours:)

    wishing you a lovely day,

  5. I hope spring comes quick for all of you!! You guys have all had quite the snowy winter to say the least... and it is still snowing now??? Wow. You guys all deserve an early spring. :)

    Yes, aren't the actions fun? Kind of cheating, but fun nevertheless. :)

    Thanks for the sweet comments!!


  6. Wish spring was here too..
    Your pictures are always sooooo perfect!!!!


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