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Still a crush on Hunter boots

Can't help it. I still have a major crush on Hunter rain boots. Such a major splurge that I have not been able to buy any yet, I do have my priorities straight. But oh, how I would love a pair. Tall black ones. With a tunic dress and over the knee socks...

Gorgeous pics top to bottom: Ann Marie Whittaker, Shelba, the workroom, Kelli Jane Photography, The Budget Babe, bheuer.

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  1. Loving the pictures...i am really loving the new <a href="http://www.marsh-mellow.co.uk>Carnaby</a>

  2. Sooooooo nice!!! Sigh... They do go on sale every once in a while, I am keeping my eyes peeled. :) Thanks for the link!!!

  3. Me too, I´d love a pair tooooooo ;)

  4. I love hunter's too! I splurged and got myself and my ten year old daughter a pair. I have some pix of her in them on my blog! If your feet are on the small side you can wear the kids version I almost fit in my daughters and I am a 9 women's. They run BIG! Beautiful images too!

  5. my friend at le vogage creatif just alerted me to this blog, and that you graciously used one of my photos...flattered! love my hunter boots, and am still wearing them every day that i can!

    love your blog!


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