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The "ugly" pillow project

I started what my girls have dubbed "the ugly pillow project". I am using an old vintage 70's pattern and must admit that the picture is somewhat horrendous. But see, when I picture it in my head it just does not look like that. Not with browns and oranges looking all retro seventies. Kind of like the one I found on Etsy! (bottom picture, soooo love that pillow)

So I will bravely continue to crochet and will proudly open the book to the offending page, even while enduring snickers and eye rolling from my girls... :)
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  1. I love that pillow!!!
    Especially the colours that you are doing, would fit perfectly in my lounge also :-) Can you let me know the name of the book that the pattern is in, I would love to make one also! Can't wait to see it finished :-)

  2. And.....is is finished? Or are you hiding it for us and your girls. ;)
    Have a great Sunday,
    groetjes Jeannette

  3. I really like your blog and sense of style.
    I just came across it when I googled Lonborg. I have a pair of candlesticks in my shop and just found an amazing wooden cat figurine that I haven't listed yet! (still trying to come up with a price)...

    I too am in love with Danish canisters of all types especially ones with colorful graphic flowers~

    Will check back here again!

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  5. Thanks everyone!!

    The ugly pillow is finished!! And not so ugly and no, I am not hiding the finished product!! Haha :)

    Baa-Me Kniits, I included the pattern source in my last post!!

    FoundVintageStyle, love your shop!! I have perused it many times...


  6. love the pillows! just great...


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