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Vintage tapestry purse

Unbelievable, but I bought this gorgeous vintage tapestry purse for only $5! It was love at first sight... And how about my other thrifted treasure? A filet crochet tablecloth with flowers that must have taken a very brave and talented woman months to crochet. I love...
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  1. Oh wow! That purse is gorgeous! I have a serious case of purse-envy now. ;)
    Most of the tapestry purses over here are black...your white one has such vibrant, fresh colors. You lucky bag lady! ;)

  2. I am a very lucky bag lady indeed, haha! What a prize, right? Are you back??? When?? We are waiting with baited breath!!! :)

  3. Wauw!!! You very, very lucky basterd!!!! You must be the most lucky woman in the world. The bag is soooooooooooooooo perfect!!

  4. haha!!! yes I so am the lucky one. :)


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