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New japanese tiny motif crochet book

Another gorgeous new Japanese craft book "tiny crochet, tiny motif pattern" from the Heart Warming Life Series (ISBN 9784529048217), available through Amazon.jp. Soooooo sweet...
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  1. I saw this one yesterday - I have already wishlisted it! There looks like there have been a flood of new crochet books in the past couple of months. have you purchased any other books lately?

  2. Goodness I am trying to do some tiny crochet at the moment as part of a tea-cozy I am making and that is only a small bit. That looks amazing but I am sure it will send me blind :-)

  3. What a sweet book! Makes me squee!!

  4. Oh, aren't these amazing!! I guess this book will also go on my already too long Amazon wishlist ;-)

  5. loving the look of the Japanese crochet books. maybe a visit there will work out cheaper than Amazoning some?!


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