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Seventies knitting and crochet for babies book

The girls are getting somewhat concerned with my new vintage baby pattern obsession... is there something I am not telling them? Am I sure they are meant for 'friends' babies? Haha. Yes they are. Loving this 'new' vintage book "Knitting & Crochet Babies Clothes" from 1976. My favorite picture and pattern is the red and white striped outfit with gingham pillow... :)
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  1. Oh, yes! I remember books like this with similar photos. Coloured patterns for babies...
    I still enjoy with because remember to me my chilhood.

  2. Love love love these vintage books!!!!

  3. I would LOVE to own that book! But itøs hard to find i Denmark! (by the way, I just LOVE your blog)

    Hugs Sarah

  4. Some of those patterns look amazing! So fun to have that book.


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