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Conran The House Book

We now own a scanner! I know, I am a bit late to the party but better late than never. I am furiously pulling out all my vintage books to find scanning material. The Terence Conran House Book won out for first dibs. First printed in 1974 it is a true classic. Above are my favs... Now back to finding other books to scan!
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  1. 1974, the year I was born ;)
    great pictures!!
    funny, I still love the round table, the chairs around it, the red lamp.... I'm a real seventies-child!
    by the way; I still don't own a scanner... :(

  2. Great nostalgia :-) I remember jumpers like those! I haven't worn anything that hugs my neck in a jumper since! LOL

  3. Aren't these great pics? :) And here I am trying to dig up all those treasures that were so the norm then! Pretty awesome really... :)
    Haha, yes, those jumpers....


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