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Oh yes, my dream clogs!

A ridiculous amount of photos for just a new pair of clogs, over the top I know. But I am just so excited and Annie was being the most spectacular top model ever and this photo session just got out of hand...

Finding my new Chanel-esque clogs was a mission in itself and after much searching I finally found "The Pair" online at Nordstrom in the US. Oh happy online shopping! Yes I am babbling but really, just look at them!! :)

Annie had to try them out the minute they came out of the box and things immediately went to Photo Session when the camera was pulled out. I dressed her up in my favorite dress and tights (yes, she looks much better in them than I do I am sure) and we were on. Very impressive that although the clogs were a little big on her, she managed to not fall on her head even while climbing and standing on top of the table. I guess thats a pro for you. :)
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  1. I love them, and the whole outfit = just perfect together :)

  2. For me, those leggings are perfection.

  3. Beautiful...and what a beautiful summer you are going to have with such a pair of amazing clogs! Love the striped tights also!

  4. loving the outfit and the clogs and very green with envy! :-))

  5. Thanks all!! Haha, so true, how could my summer be any less than perfect with these clogs?

    In the meantime I am still breaking them in and as a result I have band-aids on my toes cause of the blisters and other sore spots due to the friction... Ahem, no matter!

    This too shall pass and then I can carry on and truly live my perfect clog dream summer. :)

  6. ... the tights ... where are they from ... must have now ... ha ha ... i like the white with blue stripes thing so very very much ... thanks ...

  7. Haha, I bought my capri tights at a local store, and the brand name is Bleu Foret. It seems they have a French and Canadian site. Hope you can find them!!



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