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Seventies style pillows

I did warn you that my blog would quickly become a scan-fest with my newly acquired scanner... :) Sewing the round patchwork pillows have been on my to-do list forever. I am still trying to collect the "just perfect" vintage fabrics and this has been slow going. But I will make some guaranteed. Must haves. The images at the top are from a 1969 issue of Dutch craft magazine Ariadne Handwerken. The pillows turned into cuddling corner are perfection as well. What kid wouldn't go crazy to have a corner like that now? Love that fabric...
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  1. I think i have that same magazine in my collection! Love that large black and white pillow!

  2. These old Ariadnes are perfect!! Love these cushions too..

  3. fabulous cushions - if you ever have the pattern available for sale or swap PLEASE do let me know. I'be looked for ages. I have a stack of 40+ copies of Golden Hands from the 60s/70s and not one circular patchwork cushion pattern ):


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