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Crocheted lace hat

The girls are almost finished school for the year... one more busy week of final exams and it is all over until September. This is when I wish I could also take the summer off and spend some time with them... It is all going so very, very fast.

Just had to crochet this lacy hat for either one of the girls, fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it in the Japanese Let's Knit book "Natural Colors Knit Items". How lucky was I to actually have oldest daughter home and wanting to model for me? Probably due to her brand new red streaks compliments of Mom who yes, used to be a hairdresser for 15 years. :)
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  1. Lovely daughter, lovely crocheted hat.

    I did click to see the Japanese book with the diagram-instructions. Have you had good experiences ordering books from that site? I am very tempted!

    Your posts are always full of great inspiration. Thank you!

  2. gorgeous pics of your daughter and such a cute hat :)

    it scares me how quick the time goes with my girls, i hope you get to spend some time with yours over the summer

    linda :)

  3. What a beautiful daughter and the hat is gorgeous too.

  4. Your daughter is beautifull, tell her she will like to hear that!! Congratulation for her and the hat! I always follow your blog, I own you the Ungly project! Is in my Work to do list! Regards, Rosana

  5. Thanks!! I love that the girls are still wanting to be part of Mom's hobbies, haha. I told Chiana about all the sweet comments and she glowed. :)

    I have ordered the Japanese books from Etsy before and it has always been a great experience! I always do some book research first just to make sure the book is really going to be worth the hefty price. Usually the sellers will show some scans of the book also. But I have had nothing but great luck buying through Etsy. Good luck!!

    (and good luck also with the ugly pillow project!!)


  6. Wow! What a lovely blog you have! I have a blog party on my blog every Saturday. I would be thrilled if you add something!

  7. She's beautiful! The hat is beautiful too!!

  8. Beautiful! I've just started knitting, but this cap is on an entirely different level! Do you sell these?

  9. Such sweet comments!! Chiana is in heaven with all the adoration. :)

    Pinecone Camp, let me know if you'd like one of the hats! I would love to crochet up another one for you. This is the perfect movie watching project I need more of. :)


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