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Denim overalls...

Don't own a pair but am so loving worn, faded denim overalls right now. Especially the dress version (bottom pic) that you could wear with absolutely everything... (W Closet)

Top from Let's Knit book Autumn & Winter 2009-10, Ralph Lauren (pictures from Style.com), and J.Crew.
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  1. I have a gorgeous old pair of faded Lee overalls that have been packed in a box and unacceptable for the last ten years or so. You have me a bit excited. Maybe I'll go and pull them out and like them all over again. Now I just need to hunt for a pretty blouse to wear underneath.

  2. I love those ones that are a dress!

  3. Don't know the english name but the 'tuinbroek' is perfect! Would have one sooooo badly but can't find a good one..

  4. That pom-pom scarf in the first shot is the sweetest!!!


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