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Happy 17th birthday oldest babygirl!

My oldest... 17 today, July 1. (Canada day no less!) My first babygirl and she was and still is everything a mom could ever have wished and hoped for. Sweet, oh so sweet, eyes that melt me and a smile that absolutely brightens the darkest of days. Smart cookie that knows exactly what she wants and goes to get it. A writer that will most certainly get published in the near future. The perfect combination of softness and toughness. We have gone through a lot and have come out better and stronger than we could ever have imagined. My girl. I am so proud. :)

Her biggest wish? An eyebrow piercing to go with her lip piercing. And how could I say no? Scheduled for Friday. :) Her friends will go along for moral support this time. I almost fainted through the lip piercing and have gracefully declined (with a loud sigh of relief from her end because her mother passing out in a cool piercing shop is the last thing she needs) attending this particular episode... :)

Happy birthday sweet baby!!
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  1. Happy birthday to her. And to you :)

    I fear the day I'll be asked these kind of things...let's sick with "Little pet shop" :)

  2. They grow up so quickly don't they!! Beautiful girl :-)

  3. Oh, she's as cute now as she was in her baby picture.

    Facial piercings? OUCH! I'd pass out if I watched it, too. But I'm wimpy.


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