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Summer evening bike rides

I've been blog absent for almost 3 weeks! I have no idea how or why this happened. Perhaps I just simply needed a break and time to focus on other things for a bit.

Have not had any time off work yet this summer (soon, I hope!) but have been trying to make the most of those gorgeous warm nights by going on bike rides on my newly thrifted bike. (An old seventies yellow bike I got for $35!) Simply stuff a blanket and a drink in my basket and off we go. Heaven. Ashamed to say I had not been on a bike since coming to Canada from Holland where I practically lived on my bike. Suffice to say I was more than a little sore and wobbly at first...
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  1. I love your bike!....and the hooky blanket too :-)

  2. Love your yellow bike - would match my bright pink mountain bike! Doesn't it feel wonderful - sure makes me think back of those childhood days in Holland!

  3. I have start what I promised. The ugly project! Visit my blog, it is just the begining but is going well. Have a nice weekend!

  4. sounds a bit homesick
    but looks wonderful
    enjoy summer

  5. Goed dat je weer druk aan het fietsen bent! En dat op zo'n toffe fiets!


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