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Vintage typewriter for birthday girl

I found a $12 vintage typewriter (with case!!) and since Chiana is pursuing a career in writing this seemed like the perfect birthday find. Totally fits her style as well. Every author should have one even if it is only a decorative item. I cleaned it up, found new typewriter ribbon and voila! Works great and turns out the whole family is using it for those spontaneous and random thoughts and messages. :) Very fun.
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  1. congratulations and i'm a little jealous

  2. That is the perfect present for a budding writer....it looks amazing!

  3. What a find! I hope she loves it. I'm on the hunt for a typewriter too. I know I could get one on e-bay but I want to find one in a thrift shop ... so the hunt continues. That's part of the fun of it.

  4. Just stumbeled on to your blog. Love all that Seventies inspiration!


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