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Honestly, my last lamp!!

My girls had such cute little concerned faces when I came home with this last lamp purchase... But Mom, they said, where will you put this lamp? (both looking about frantically wondering where Mom could possibly make room for this latest find and seriously doubting my decision making skills ) But girlies, I said, it's Dutch (!!) and seventies (!!) and so rare to find here (!!) and how could I not bring it home?? (With a calm and innocent face completely hiding my tiny bit of embarrassment at bringing home yet another lamp)

Like I didn't have a place picked out the minute I ogled it in the store! Tools came out, partner meanwhile very supportive and following my instructions to the letter, and oh happy day there it is looking quite spectacular. Yes, the girls have learned a lesson in trusting their mama and have seen the light also and are quite in love with this orange sweet thing as well...
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  1. It's always good to have decent lighting. Nice lamp. :)

  2. theres ALWAYS room for a vintage 70s lamp, most especially if it's orange... always trust mama ;)

  3. Hi Sandra!!! project completed!!! enter in www.texturaypunto.blogspot.com and see!!! kisses Rosana

  4. Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,beijokas


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