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Granny square bag

Whipped up this quick granny square purse in between the knitting projects. I love how it looks with my army jacket and boots. :) I doubt I will ever tire of the granny square...
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  1. It's so cute! I know I will NEVER tire of the granny square either.

  2. granny squares rule! i love your bag :)

  3. Granny squares is always nice!
    Cute blog!
    Las Teje y Maneje

  4. this is so cute. will you post the pattern?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I don't really have a pattern... Just crochet a giant granny square front and back and crochet together. Then add a long strap!

  6. Love your blog! Love it how things turn out your own way!

  7. The granny square bag, you made in 2009 from the Rebecca's magazine. Can you put the directions out, can't get the directions from Rebecca's site. Thank you.

  8. i LOOOVE your blog!!!
    such an inspiration! I too am crazy about granny squares... the thing is I usually quit or postpone (as an excuse) in the middle of a project.. I hate myself when doing that. LOL. There are finished projects, but they took quite some times.. So, yeah, I am determined to make ONE continuous work that dont stop at all.
    Thank you thank you for the inspirations.. this granny bag is next in line! :) :)


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