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Mittens and pom-poms

Mittens! Quick to knit up and as addictive as knitting socks. Once you start the possibilities are endless. These 2 sets were knitted using the same Knit.1 stripey mitten pattern from years ago, but I changed things up a bit for the heart ones. I knitted these plain and embroidered on the hearts using a duplicate stitch. Top them off with pompoms and what's not to love? Chiana has dibs on the heart pair but I think the stripey ones are all mine. Can't wait for cozy hands...
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  1. So gorgeous! The stripes are brilliant, but the heart ones are definitely my favourite.

  2. These are so cute! I love to crochet but knitting is something I still have to practise a lot....You inspire me to practise more!

  3. Would you considering making a couple sets of the heart mittens? I would love to buy them? Let me know EBryenton@gmail.com.



  4. Oh I love the white ones with the embroidered hearts!! Sooo beautiful!

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Haha, its funny how the heart mittens are just the hands down favorites. Caused some conflict between my girls as well, :) Annie and her friend have already put their orders in.

    Yes! Would love to knit some for you, Elisa! Will contact you.



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