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Fair Isle knitting

In love with Fair Isle knitting. I cannot get enough. My crush has gone beyond knitting in heart shapes and am now wanting to try the real intricate patterns. My first try of a somewhat easy star pattern above, just one lonely brown and cream mitten so far. All other pictures from various Japanese craft and fashion magazines...

My plan is Christmas stockings with knitted in patterns... Running out of time quickly I know, but maybe with big yarn and needles? Stars and reindeers and snowflakes knitted in around the top? I will attempt...
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  1. I love the fair isle patterns! I'm definitely not up to the level of being able to actually knit it yet though, I'm very impressed!

  2. Fair isle is definitely fun, and there are endless possibilities, either keeping to the traditional, or playing around with colors, scale, textural yarns.

    And, actually easy, since it's only done a stitch at a time! Best wishes on your fair isle adventures.

  3. I love it! For now way out of my league.. But love, love it. Thanks for this great inspiration.

  4. i love also fair isle...your inspiration is greay!
    look my hat:http://aventcacahuete.blogspot.com/2010/12/etoile-des-neiges.html

  5. see what you've done?? i just drooled all over my computer... ;)


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