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New look and new book

How exciting! Thought it was time for a new blog look and so after a weekend of many evil words mostly pointed towards Blogger, XML and my own limited skills here it is... a new Yarning...

Annie was not impressed that she no longer appears in the header, but I explained that since she is my number one model she would appear in plenty of post images and so would still be a big part of the blog. :) Hope everyone likes the new look!

The images are from a brand new Japanese knitting book, "Small Nordic Knitting", isbn 978-4391139518 and available on Amazon.jp. I love...
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  1. I like your new lay-out. It's nice and easy.

    Groetjes Maartje

  2. beautiful book ! your blog is very inspiring.

  3. Joehoe! It's working again!! ;-)
    Love, love the new pure look! And these knittings are so beautiful.

  4. Such beautiful images - and congratulations on your new blog design, looks super:)


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