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Pretend cable capelet

Knitted up this super cute (and quick) little capelet this past week. The pattern is from the book Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet, by Mags Kandis. The what looks like a cable is actually not a true cable but a pssso, sooo easy and fun.

Annie was a magnificent model as per usual, am I not the luckiest? I love how the pictures turned out.
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  1. it's beautiful... I've been thinking about getting that book... is it good?

  2. Adorable Annie and adorable capelet! Your knitting and the photograph are full of style.

    Best wishes.

  3. It`s really nice and very cute.
    And I love the photos too.

  4. Thanks all! Thanks Frances, you've made Annie's day again!

    Yes, it really is a great little book. I have been known to buy a book because I fall in love with only pattern, :), but this one actually has multiple projects I'd love to try. (fair-isle arm warmers, socks, and the little felted hearts) Have fun with it if you decide to buy!

  5. I've been seriously thinking about getting that book!! This capelet is just perfect! :)

  6. The pics are SO Japanese craft book! Great.


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