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Welcome to the world baby Sabrina!

Talk about complete abandonment of blog... for 7 months no less. Why? Well, I found out I was pregnant... Yes, pregnant in my mid forties... eek! To say I needed 7 months to adjust to the idea is an understatement, haha.

So here we are with a very special addition to the family, yes, another girl, baby Sabrina. She was born September 16 and is now 2 weeks old exactly.

The big girls adore her...

Welcome to the world baby Sabrina! You are so very precious...

Is there anything better than knitting for baby? Nope. I loved knitting the Pickles Darling dress for Sabrina...
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  1. My oh my, I did wonder where you might have gone. What wonderful news from you today, and what a beautiful tiny little girl you've created. She's a beauty and will obviously soon be on the best dressed list.

    Welcome back to blog land, and very best wishes to you!

  2. Congratulations, Sabrina looks precious beautiful! welcome back to blogland (perfectly good reason for an absence!).

  3. What a wonderfull surprise!! Congratulations!!! She is soooo beautifull!! Wellcome back to blogland allthought you might have not much time to post from now on!!!! She is a beutyy!!! All the best! Rosana

  4. Hi, I just discovered your blog, and I can see we have the same interests, like thrifting and retro stuff. I had my third girl two months ago, her name is Anna. Congratulations with little Sabrina!

  5. oh you're back!! and with a gorgeous surprise!

    congratulations.. treasure each minute... (I'm sure you will..)

  6. Ohhhh!!!

    She's so beautiful...Congrats!!!

    We've missed you so much!!


  7. Felicitaciones desde España, un bebé siempre es el mejor motivo para tenernos desconectadas de tu blog.Disfrútala,Saludos.ANA

  8. Now that's a good excuse. :)
    Congratulations and all the best!

  9. Thanks so much everyone! Hope to start posting regularly soon!

  10. Julia here...I kept checking back randomly to see if you were ever gonna post again. Sabrina is gorgeous!!! So happy for you guys! Hope all is well, you're feeling great, and enjoying your time off as a full time mama!!!

  11. Welkom terug en gefeliciteerd. Wat een bijzondere verrassing!

  12. Fabulous! Fabulous! I too found out I was pregnant when I thought my 'mommy days' were done and can relate to the shock felt at the time. She will certainly be adored.

  13. So glad you are back checked your blog for updates for months x

  14. I just find out today you're back in blogland.
    How cute is your little girl. I can see why you've been 'away' for a while now. You're back in my fav blog list again. Congrats! xx


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