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Seven weeks old...

Sabrina has been with us for seven weeks now... we are getting into some kind of schedule and rhythm. I am finally starting to feel some creativity creep back in, thank goodness since I thought my brain would continue to feel like mush forever. I have no idea how other women do it, looking after babies and toddlers while continuing to create and inspire as well as share and blog about it... I am in awe of these women (and there are so many of them). I honestly still have those days where I can barely manage to take a shower... let alone finish a knitting project. (or post to my blog) :)

But one newly crooked smile makes it all worthwhile... and is there anything better than kissing those now dimply arms and legs? We are all so in love with this new little person...

Thanks everyone for the sweet congratulations and welcome backs!
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  2. Congrats! I just stumbled on your blog whilst searching for giant crochet. So glad I found you!!
    I love the simplicity.


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