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Back to 'yarning'!

Saying it feels great to be busy with yarn again is an understatement. What a relief, I thought the "Sabrina happening" had squished any creative juices forever. (poor thing is getting blamed for things already) But I've got my little moodboard up and running, multiple knitting and crochet projects on the go, and just received my (how exciting) actual real Yarning labels! I even organized my insane knitting and vintage craft magazine collection. (what can't we use Washi tape for??!? Inspired by Bodie and Fou) Thanks Sabrina for being able to entertain yourself for tiny short chunks at a time! :)

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  1. Love the one in your last pic! Black+yellow+grey always looks good together ;)

  2. Where did you get those tags? they are wonderful! I'm trying to find some for my knitted items, and I haven't had much luck so far.

  3. ive just found your blog. amazing and just my taste. i think im making your colorful blanket for my friend newborn. big hugh


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