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Just bits...

Sabrina loves the vintage Sesame Street record found at a thrift store. We dance around the living room and she claps and claps! I originally bought it for the awesome artwork on the cover... not knowing I would have another little one to enjoy the music with. :)

Love my new huge plywood sheet in the kitchen. I painted it with blackboard paint on one side and turn the sheet over when the mood strikes me. Can't wait for Sabrina to "draw"!
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  1. oh what a sweet record.
    i like it :)

  2. That record looks fab! I've been finding a similar thing goin on with my kids and all the vintage books I've collected over the years. My little boy is now obsessed with Richard Scarry Books! Ace! Great idea with the blackboard, I might try something like that too. :)

  3. I love Richard Scarry!!!!! Haha, my Richard Scarry books are still tucked away until she is "ready", can't wait to bring them out!

  4. Laurids Lonborg now on EBay.


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