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More blankets! (sneak peak)

My little Etsy store should be open for business later this week!!! Woohoo. I am very excited. My middle daughter (thanks Annie!) helped me model the black and cream chevron/zigzag baby crib blanket. (Also great as a cozy adult lap blanket) Then there's the "triangle" and "cross" series... I love them all.

Now finish figuring out shipping methods and cost, write out the blanket descriptions, take a couple of more pictures and the shop should be good to go!

Speaking of pictures, you would think that Sabrina would be the obvious model choice since she is a baby and these are baby blankets but you would be very wrong. :) She will not sit still and is constantly on the move. So no baby in the baby blanket shots... :)

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  1. cool those cross & triangle blankets too!

  2. Each of your daughters is quite a photogenic beauty! Each of these knitted designs is also pretty wonderful. I am predicting great success for your shop.

    Best wishes.

  3. good luck with Etsy, those baby blankets are fabulous!

  4. Thanks so much!!!

    Yes, how lucky am I with 3 beautiful girlies??? :)

    It is a bit scary to set up the Etsy shop and yet sooo exciting at the same time!!! Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. Oh I just love the color combo, it's beautiful


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