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Sneak peak!


Remember the Etsy shop I have been talking about? No, it is not quite open but it is getting oh so close to launch day... so time for a sneak peek...

I hope everyone loves these soft knitted baby blankets as much as I do. The two shown above are stroller/bassinet sized. Or perfect for adult lap blankets. I had a hard time finding baby blankets that were cool and hip and not typically "baby". So I created a series of baby blankets that are modern and make a statement and keep baby cozy warm. I love them.

More to come! In the meantime Sabrina is loving the photoshoot activities...
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  1. Lovely!! Cute little boy, awwwwww!!!

  2. Your blankets are gorgeous, nice and modern and neutral, perfect for either a baby boy or girl. I can't wait to see your Etsy shop :)

  3. Your designs are lovely, and as you hoped, wonderfully contemporary.

    Little Sabrina is a beauty...when will she start knitting?


  4. I love your concpet of making baby blankets that were cool and hip and not typically "baby"!!! You make them so timeless & definitley a design statement forever! Well done:)

  5. Thanks everyone!! So very happy the blanket feedback is so positive! How exciting is this?? :)

  6. ooo! Excited for your new etsy shop!

    With Kindness,


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Hello, I am Sandra van Katwijk, mama to 3 incredible girls and founder of Yarning Made. I combined my love for bold graphics, colors and knitting into a tiny line of modern and cozy blankets for baby, dollies, and the home. Each blanket is hand knit and finished in Victoria, BC. My blankets can be found on Etsy and design loving shops around the world. Thanks for visiting my blog!